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Commercial real estate can be a great way to build wealth, but it's hard to do on your own. Working with limited resources can limit your opportunities and slow down your growth.



Propstreet is the ultimate destination for commercial real estate investors that are looking to get ahead. We enable you to form joint ventures with other investors, so you can take on bigger projects together. Invest today and start building your wealth for the future.

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What people are saying
about Propstreet

"Propstreet opens up the investor universe to agents in a new and efficient way by matching the real estate investors investment interests with the investment agents product offering in a seamless digitised fashion."

Geir Stoutland
Owner, Stout

"As Sweden's largest developer of residential properties we now search building rights for public sector properties where Propstreet is a great complement to traditional sourcing channels such as brokerage firms and networks."

Patrick Kalaska
Head of Sourcing

"As a global leader in the CRE industry, Cushman & Wakefield has the most suitable and innovative transaction services in the market. With Propstreet we can now offer a new and additional solution to identify new investors, which maximizes our customers transaction value."

Katarina Sonnevi
Head of Capital Markets

"Generally, we have very good coverage of the main CRE transaction market – but Propstreet allows us to identify target properties that we otherwise would have missed."

Ulf Attebrant
Investment Manager

"The CRE market is in need of new ideas and solutions - we view Propstreet as an important part of the ongoing transformation! The easy-to-use digital service allows us to find investment opportunities efficiently by matching our search criteria with the brokers product offering in any given market geography."

Victor Hallengren
Head of Investments

"Propstreet offers a marketplace where we can find additional investment opportunities to add to our existing real estate portfolio."

Christopher Johansson
Deputy Managing Director
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