Sustainable Real Estate

An important mission for Propstreet is to support our members to become part of a more sustainable real estate market. Today, several sustainability certifications are applied within the industry, making sure that there are common ways of measuring the impact that buildings have on the environment and how the overall environmental footprint can be reduced. We want create awareness about buildings that comply with high sustainability standards and strengthen their value proposition in the marketplace.

There are several sustainability certifications that we integrate onto our platform highlighted below:


Miljöbyggnad is a Swedish environmental certification. Sixteen different indicators that measure the building's energy use, indoor environment and materials. Review takes place every three years.

Leed is a US certification system and there are seven priority goals to be achieved through the certification.

Breeam is an environmental certification system developed in the United Kingdom. The Swedish version is called Breeam-SE. With a Swedish Breeam certification, the property can also be compared on an international market.

Green Building is for property owners and managers who want to streamline energy use in their premises and homes. The requirement is that the building uses 25% less energy than before or as the requirements in BBR.

WELL Building Standard is a certification to measure the qualities of a building that affect the health and well-being of those who use the building. Well gives points in 10 different categories.

The zero CO2 (NollCO2) certification means that the climate impact of the entire building life cycle must give a net zero climate impact. The trend towards net zero follows two main tracks: to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to balance the remaining climate impact.

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